herb and honey mixes prepared especially for making infused drinks.
it is easiest and fastest way to make herb infused beverage. see how!
full of flavor. fast to make. fun to drink.

L.A. mix

flavorfull California herbs mixed and fused in honey 

10 oz

Alpine mix

wild and cultured flowers, herbs and berries mixed and fused in honey


yourself. your taste. your way. 

practical high quality items combined into complete set with everything you need to make a tasty infused drink

bottle NONAME

brewing bottle
+ 5oz of POLZA mix

bottle TOPOKO

Glass bottle with filter 
+ 10oz of polza mix + extra!!!

make infused drinks

its easy. its times faster to make, compared to infusing with raw ingredients. and its actually a lot of fun! 
quick DIY video will show you how it works

what is polza?

POLZA is a herb and honey mix, made using years-old recipe extracting from herbs and fusing into honey a maximum of flavor, health and wellness actors (oils, vitamins and minerals) while maintaining integrity of natural ingredients


polza herb and honey mixes are mixes of herbs and honey.

if you are alergic to honey or any of the herbs that make POLZA mix - do not consume infused vodka made with POLZA herb and honey mixes or POLZA infised honey. 

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