great gift

POLZA awesome gift box is an impressine yet very personal gift. All POLZA products are carefully hand-made in using only natural ingredients

with love

we love to make our products. No less than you love a person who will recieve your gift. 

best for cooks

POLZA cooking honey is made by fermenting local fresh herbs and dried spices and flowers with honey to produce a very tasty ingredient for an enthusiastic cook

and tea lovers

POLZA herb&honey mix is an excellent option for brewing tasty herbal beverage with wellness benefits

In every box

8 oz jar will last for month! Steak seasonong, salad dressing, quick sandwich snack - just a few ideas to make a difference in your food

8 oz jar of herb&honey mix will make 25+ cups of herbal tea

dried chamonile and rosehip makes a tasty, calminng , warning drink - good for any time of the day and any weather

No need to make tea brewing messy - tea infuser takes care of that!

apply cooking honey to a steak evenly and economically with durable cooking brish

serve cooking honey on a salar or add a spoon to a cup of tea - this long-handle wooden spoon is perfect for that!

Birthday Gift Sale

we want to make it a little easier for you to give a birthday gift


for great cook

$70 $45

some likes it hot!

$70 $45

for a tea lover

$70 $45

Better hurry!

you still have


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polza herb and honey mixes are mixes of herbs and honey.

if you are alergic to honey or any of the herbs that make POLZA mix - do not consume beverages or dishes made with POLZA herb and honey mixes or polza cooking honey.

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