for making an everyday healthy drinks!

Taste of fresh herbs

Unique fermentation technology allows to capture the most natural and most fresh taste of herbs, as opposed to somewhat plain taste of dried herbal mixes

Health benefits

All herbs that make POLZA herb&honey mix have commonly known medicinal qualities. Some will help to relieve stress, some will boost your immune system, some will speed up your natural body recovery processes! Learn more here

fast & Easy to brew

It takes a minute to brew polza mix with boiling water in a regular teacup. Use a simple drop-in infuser or a regular french-press. No waiting, no expensive double-walled infusers!

all-natural and caffeine-free

A hot beverage made by brewing POLZA herb&honey mix is guaranteed to give you a boost of energy, all thanks to all-natural oils and minerals from herbs and honey. No caffeine. no artificial additives.

one 8 oz jar =  250 gramm of herb&Honey mix = 25 servings!


great for herbal tea


excellent for colder weather

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